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Grill on Wheels   $ 1,500





Grill on Wheels   $ 200

Mid size portable BBQ pit grill, Custom built out of a 15" diameter pipe that is 2-0" long. It stands 18" tall. The removable legs make it easy for transporting and storage. The cooking grill is made from expansion metal and is fully welded all around the 1/2" solid sq-bar frame. And the cooking surface is 12x23" making a total cooking area of 275 SQ Inches. I have two in stock and will be making more as needed. As you can see in the photos any rusty surfaces has been wire brush and sanded to insure the two thick coats of Rust Oleum Hight Heat black paint bond well to the bare steel.



All of our barbecue pits & grills are custom designed and the trailers

are made specifically for the the barbecue pit that is on top of it.

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